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Lobster Sandwich

Call it a New England summer staple. Call it shucked meat on buttered toast. But don't call it a lobster roll. Louis Mastrangelo believes his perfectly cooked. no-nonsense salad deserves a better base than a scrawny split-top bun, so he piles the low-mayo mixture between scali bread and dubs it a sandwich. The result- plus the kitschy crustacean decor around the picnic tables- makes it the quirkiest, and tastiest, version around.
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Live Lobsters
We offer fresh caught lobsters all year long. Need them packed to travel? We can do that for ya.
Our Fresh Fish
Our fresh fish is collected every day from the same sea to serve our customers and offer the best of our sea.
Steamed clams are a staple here in New England. They pair perfectly with a cooked lobster.
Lobster Salad Sandwich
Our world famous lobster sandwich is the best you've ever had! 2 slices of buttered, toasted scali bread, filled with our very own lobster salad. Light mayo, salt and pepper, thats it, no fillers.
Cooked Lobsters
We will cook lobsters for you right here. Want a large one? 10lbs or more? Give us a call and we'll make it happen for ya!
Our Fresh Fish
Salmon, Scallops, Haddocks, Oysters, Steamers, Little necks.
Try Our Different Chowders!
We have different chowders and bisques every day! We offer clam chowder, shrimp and roasted corn chowder, lobster bisque, fish chowder, and seafood chowder, all excellent!